15-Minute Vegan Ice Cream

13 October 2017
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15-Minute Vegan Ice Cream


This was my little science experiment. Did you know you can freeze homemade ice cream in fifteen minutes with the help of some kitchen magic?

Salt lowers the freezing point of water, so that our ice cream mix chills solid at lightning speed and is ready to eat in less time that it would take to get to the supermarket and back!

Plus it's low fructose, and totally vegan! You can, of course, use the usual method to make ice cream on this recipe...but I think this way is a bit more fun!

- Reece.

PS although this is low fructose (I use rice malt syrup as a sweetener, which is mostly glucose), it may not be suitable for everyone on a low-FODMAP diet because of the coconut milk. Assess your own tolerance before deciding whether this recipe is for you. Keeping the fructose content low is due to concerns around excessive fructose-based sweeteners on weight management and metabolic function.

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